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Parkersburg Marietta Building Trades Support Rec Center



The Parkersburg Marietta Building & Construction Trades Council supports the construction of the Parkersburg Recreational Center within City Park. Here’s a breakdown of the advantages:

Economics: Building within City Park optimizes the allocation of funds, as the property is already owned by the City. This means all resources can be directed towards constructing the best possible facility without the need to purchase new land, potentially eliminating amenities due to budget constraints.

Security: The incorporation of the City Police Annex into the building ensures 24/7 protection of the investment in the Recreational Facility. This adds an extra layer of security and peace of mind for both users and stakeholders.

Convenience: With the Police Annex integrated into the building, access to the facility becomes more efficient. There’s no need for additional resources to open and close the facility when requested, streamlining operations and enhancing accessibility for the community.

Enhancement: Building the Recreational Center within City Park enhances its overall utility, providing a space for activities even during inclement weather and winter months. This expands the usability of the park and enhances the community’s quality of life.

Facility Upgrade: The proposed facility represents a significant upgrade over the existing one, offering modern amenities and the capacity for a variety of activities that are currently unavailable. This not only meets the needs of the community but also raises the standard for recreational facilities in the area.

Overall, these advantages underscore the benefits of constructing the Parkersburg Recreational Center within City Park, highlighting economic efficiency, enhanced security, convenience, community enhancement, and a substantial upgrade in recreational facilities.



Value of Union Construction on Projects


Prepared by Independent Project Analysis. IPA works on behalf of project owners and views project success from the vantage point of owners rather than contractors and includes performance comparisons between Union, Open Shop, and mixed labor projects.


Chemours Construction Safety Milestones


On March 6, 2024 Construction at Chemours Washington Works reached 35 years without a lost time injury. In addition they reached 3500 days (9 years and 7 months) without a recordable injury. It’s a testament to the dedication and commitment to a safety by Chemours and the Building Trades. Keep up the great work, and here’s to more injury-free days ahead!

Marshall Alumni Recognize Building Trades

Pictured are Lorne Mills & Lyn Lovell of IBEW 968, Jeff Sandy-Marshall Alumni, Dave Bland of Painters DC 53, & Nathan Beha, Vice President of the Parkersburg Marietta Building Trades/UBC 436. The Council and Local Unions were presented with appreciation plaques from the Marshall University Alumni & Big Green Chapter of the Mid-Ohio Valley for their contributions over the years that have funded over 120 scholarships to Mid-Ohio Valley Students.


The Parkersburg Marietta Building & Construction Trades Council received recognition at the National Maintenance Agreement Zero Injury Safety Awards for 754,286 zero injury work hours on NMA sites.